SoCal Residents are questioning; is ESUSD Stifling Parents’ Voices?

Mike Pompeo recently called Randi Weingarten the most dangerous person in the world.

But what does that have to do with El Segundo Unified School District?  It might be national criticism being illustrated on a local level.

Pompeo is the former US Secretary of State and CIA Director.  So when it comes to dealing with bad actors, his expertise is without question.  Weingarten heads the American Federation of Teachers.  She represents 1.7M teachers across the US.  And was key to engineering interminable school lockdowns during COVID.

Pompeo is a leading voice accusing Weingarten of indoctrinating students.  Instead of educating them.

National Issue Hits Small SoCal Town

That’s where this national issue hits home in Southern California.  In this case El Segundo High School.  Through a homework assignment.  In, of all places, a geometry class.

George Floyd Geometry Assignment – Is ESUSD Stifling Parents’?

Connecting George Floyd to geometry is a stretch by any standard.  As is aligning Floyd with prominent civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

But that’s exactly what a geometry teacher did at El Segundo High School.  And whether the teacher’s intentions were good is not the question.

Floyd is a divisive topic at best.  His criminal history is vast and violent.  So to celebrate him in any way naturally causes parental concern.

Board Candidate And Parents Try To Speak

Needless to say.  The George Floyd Geometry Assignment became a hot topic.

But, is ESUSD stifling parents’ voices?  Yadranka Draskovic and other parents are trying to voice their concerns.  Yet, the ESUSD board and teacher’s union appear to be running a diversionary play.

Yadranka is an ESUSD graduate.  Having been a teacher she brings unique insight to education.  Plus she has one child continuing to attend El Segundo Unified School District and one graduate.

Also, Yadranka recently ran for the ESUSD board.  She explains her concerns about El Segundo Unified in our first interview in October.

And here’s our follow-up interview.  Where she shares details of her race, results, and recent school controversy.

Is ESUSD Stifling Parents’ Voices?

So the question remains; is ESUSD stifling parents’ voices?

Some would argue the answer is yes.  But you can decide for yourself.

Because as promised in the interview above.  Here are links to the ESUSD school board meetings.

First on October 25, 2022.  And then the follow-up meeting on November 8th, 2022.

Let’s hope the ESUSD doesn’t take those board meetings off the internet.  So that citizens can address concerns with public schools.