Jean Liu Christen is running for the PVPUSD board of eduction.

And for 2022, it’s a bid deal.  Because the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District has issues that need addressing.

Plus the election’s outcome affects thousands of students.  Also teachers and administrators.  Not to mention all their families.

This is Jean’s first time running for the school board.  But she’s no stranger to working with the school district.

She’s an award-winning PTA/PTSA volunteer.  Because she has six kids.  Three PVPUSD grads.  And three more are attending.

Reading Jean’s bio is impressive.  Talking with her is more impressive.  Leaving me with the belief that no one could be more qualified than Jean.

Jean Liu Christen – Super-Qualified PVPUSD Board Candidate

For the 2022 election – Tuesday, November 8th.  Four of the five PVPUSD board seats are up for grabs.

One seat is an outlier.  It’s for the last 2-years of a former board member’s 4-year term.

The other three seats are for full 4-year terms.  And Jean is running for one of those.

Candidates receiving the top three vote totals win those seats.

Good luck Jean!  You have our endorsement.