Jennifer Handjian is running for the PVPUSD board of education.

She’s a mom of two kids.  Both were attending Palos Verdes Unified School District.

That is until the current school board’s pandemic policies began overreaching.

So, she moved her younger child to a private school.

PVPUSD Pandemic Policies Failed

And the past two years of pandemic policies are why.  Because the current Palos Verdes Unified School District board failed.

It didn’t put the kids first.  Even when parents and students spoke up in meetings.

For example, about having to wear masks outdoors.  The board wouldn’t budge.

That’s when Jenny, as Mrs. Handjian goes by, was deciding she’d had enough.

Because the board didn’t support what was best for the kids within the PVPUSD.  In fact, it wasn’t even listening.

Instead, the PVPUSD board kotowed to LA County and Sacramento.  Setting their kids back.

Jennifer Handjian Identifies Common Core Failings

On top of failed pandemic management.  Jenny says the Common Core curriculum is failing the district.

Adopting Common Core 10 years ago has also set the kids back.  Pushed by the Obama Administration.

It includes critical race theory derivatives.  Along with socialism-supporting concepts.

Worse yet is that student test scores are dropping.  Along with school rankings too!

Jenny For PVPUSD 2022

Talking with Jenny, her passion for her kids and community shines through.  And she leads by example.

Long before the pandemic.  Jenny was a super-volunteer.  Supporting her kid’s activities with the district in all capacities.

Coaching baseball, softball, soccer, and cheerleading.  Plus PTA and Girl Scouts.

You need to hear it all for yourself in our interview.

There are a total of five PVPUSD school board seats.  Four of them are being decided on November 8th, 2022.

That includes three full-term seats.  And those seats are for 4-year terms.

There’s also one outlier seat.  It’s the remaining 2-years of an incomplete term.  Due to a board member’s passing.

Jennifer Handjian is running for one of the three full 4-year term seats.

We wish her well and endorse her.  Because her leadership will make an exemplary and needed addition to the PVPUSD.

Good luck Jenny!