Joe Collins for California was a bit too successful for California’s Democrat Machine in 2020.

So what does a one-party state like California do when an opposing party’s candidate does too well?  Get rid of him!

However, California Democrats can’t just launch Joe Collins into orbit on Elon Musk’s next rocket to Mars.  So, they did the next best thing.  They redistricted him out of California’s 43rd Congressional District.

New Opponent For Joe Collins For Congress – Ted Lieu

Undeterred, Joe now finds himself in Ted Lieu’s district.  Another California Democrat forever-politician.

Like Maxine Waters, Ted Lieu has remained in office while the state of California and the region of Southern California have deteriorated.

State Of The State

Inexplicably, while the Golden State continues its death spiral in every notable metric, nothing seems to change in the political landscape.  In fact, it’s just more of the same.

Higher taxes, more regulations, and, increased cost of living.  At the same time, crime skyrockets along with homelessness and, hot air from elected officials in the highest offices.

Meanwhile, businesses flee the state of California faster than Kamala Harris’s administrative staff.  Texadous has become the buzzword for over-taxed and over-regulated businesses exiting the state.

Rallies, Ballot Harvesting And What He’s Learned

So now Joe Collins for congress enters its second run at public office.  What has he learned?  And how have those lessons put him in a position for a win this time around?

For one, he says he likes the energy and enthusiasm at rallies.  But from his experience, non-Democrats need something else to win at the ballot box.

Joe joined me for a long talk covering all the hottest topics concerning Californians.  But his final-final message might have been the most important.

He said, and I’m paraphrasing, ‘don’t afraid to try something else, it’s okay to switch sides and/or change your mind.’

But be sure to watch our entire interview below and you decide.

Second Round With Joe Collins For Congress

California’s statewide primary election takes place on June 7th, 2022.

And Joe Collins remains confident he will advance to square off against Ted Lieu in November’s general election.