Jon Kaji, Torrance City Council candidate running in the 2022 election wants an investigation.

During our interview, he questioned whether Torrance has anything in common with the City of Bell.

And that contrast alone raises serious concerns.  Because he’s referring to the City of Bell scandal that convicted seven former city officials of graft and corruption.  Additionally, those convictions included the mayor, city administrator, and his assistant, plus four city council members.

To be clear, Kaji wants to have the past two administrations audited.  Because he seems to suggest that public funds have been mismanaged for years.

Jon Kaji, Torrance City Council Candidate

Also in this interview, Kaji shares why he’s running along with his background and qualifications.  For example, Kaji’s civic contributions include righting wrongs and assuring recognition of sacrifices made by Japanese-Americans during WWII.

Plus he explains why he’s against Measure SST.  It’s a sales tax increase that he says would help Torrance City leaders cover up past mismanagement of public funds.

Residents of Torrance will be able to vote for Jon Kaji, City Council candidate on June 7th, 2022.  Additionally, Torrance voters will have the opportunity to vote down Measure SST.

Even more, Torrance residents will be able to vote for George Chen for Mayor.  Both George Chen and Jon Kaji endorse each other.