Kristina Irwin is a mom of three.  Her kids are the driving force compelling her to jump into politics.

That’s why she’s running for California’s state senate, district 24.  And it’s a big district.  Covering most of Los Angeles County’s coastal communities, and Hollywood.  But also,  Agora, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Beverly Hills, and more.

CA State Senate District 24 Candidate – Kristina Irwin

She’s running because during the pandemic she had enough.  Enough government overreaching, lockdowns, and mandates.

Plus, like so many other parents across California and the United States.  During the lockdowns, Kristina got an education on what her kids are being taught.  And she didn’t like it.

Being born in communist and socialist Yugoslavia – now Serbia.  Kristina’s parents escaped while she was only three.

But during her childhood, all she knew was constitutional conservatism.  And that, among many other factors makes Kristina a great candidate for the job.

See and hear for yourself in our interview.

Kristina’s passion for family values was on display during our interview.

And that type of common sense conservatism is something Southern California needs.

She’s also in favor of tackling homelessness.  Lowering taxes and greater medical freedom.

Plus she wants to help support small businesses by addressing over-regulation.

And Kristina wants to tackle the growing crime problem.  Brought on by radial LA District Attorney George Gascon.

We’re in full support of Kristina Irwin for California’s State Senate District 24.

Good luck on November 8th!