LA County is this/close to San Francisco County for the biggest disaster in California.  And that’s saying a lot!  But Supervisor Janice Hahn has an opponent that wants to change that.  And he could, if given the chance.

John Cruikshank is running for Los Angeles County Supervisor.  He wants to save Los Angeles County from disaster.  He’s running for Supervisor of the 4th district.  Occupying that seat currently is Janice Hahn.  One of the many career politicians presiding over the LA County disaster.

Civic lesson sidebar:  Los Angeles County is governed by a Board of Supervisors.  There are five of them.  Each oversees their respective district.  LA County’s overall annual budget is $43B.  And the county employs 114,106 people.

The Issues Of The LA County Disaster

By every measure, Los Angeles County is a disaster.

Homelessness is through the roof.  Last registering at 70,000 living on the streets!  And surely that’s a conservative number.

The county is literally crumbling beneath our feet.  Road construction projects take so long that generations of graffiti artists have time to master their craft on a single phase of work.

Then there’s economic opportunity.  Or rather, the total lack of it.  Sure jobs like pizza delivery are available.  And pay around $20 or more hourly (thanks to minimum wage mandates) but even that’s not enough to live in LA County.  Small businesses are shuttering constantly.  While enterprise businesses are relocating to other states.  Taking their business tax base with them.  Along with high-paying jobs!

Additionally, there’s public safety.  Crime is spiking and adding to the LA County disaster.  The county Board of Supervisors recently made sure they could remove the county’s sheriff from office.  Meanwhile, county attorney George Gascon continues supporting criminals and denying victims their just rights.

John Cruikshank For LA County Supervisor

John Cruikshank has a plan to fix the LA County disaster.  And he’s ready to take that plan and put it into action.

Including tapping Elon Musk and his Boring Company for a major project that could truly save and revitalize the area.

Here’s my talk with John covering his four-point plan.  To win the 4th district and save Los Angeles County.

After-Interview Takeaways – LA County Disaster

John Cruikshank could absolutely help save residents from the LA County Disaster.

He’s a lifelong resident of the county he wants to serve.  Having grown up and raised a family within a handful of miles.

Moreover, he’s run a business in the same area.  And he’s been in local politics while doing so.  All this makes him highly qualified to save residents from LA County Disaster.