Lauren Cotner For Torrance City Council – she’s running for office because she no longer feels safe.

And she’s a fourth-generation Californian who’s been a Torrance resident for more than 50-years.

So, Lauren Cotner has plenty of experience watching Southern California’s South Bay area develop.  But unfortunately, also deteriorate.

Also, as a local realtor, Cotner knows all too well how current governmental decisions could further the city’s slide.

Lauren Cotner For Torrance – In-depth Interview

And the local businesswoman knows the metrics current and past Torrance officials would like to ignore.

Like rising homelessness and declining budgetary funds.  Likewise declining city streets and rising overdevelopment.

She’s against Measure SST while being for private and public partnerships in bringing business back to Torrance.

Lauren Cotner has the endorsement of George Chen who’s running for Mayor of Torrance.  But also Jon Kaji who’s running for another city council seat.

Her first campaign for public office will be decided on June 7th, 2022.