Tim O’Reilly is the new Los Angeles GOP Chairman.

He says conservatives and Republicans who are still living in California need to get involved.  Give money.  Volunteer time.  Host a coffee klatch.  Engage.  Participate.

New Los Angeles GOP Chairman

Being born and raised in LA County’s South Bay.  Tim’s raised his family here.  Is practicing law here.  And other than serving 28 years in the US Army, he’s spent his life here.

The Job of the Los Angeles GOP And Misconceptions

Find and recruit quality candidates.  Organize voters through precinct operations.  And make sure voters are registered.

Among many other objectives, Tim says these are the primary goals of any political party.  But a common misconception is where campaign funding comes from.

All too often would-be candidates assume ‘the party’ has all the money and simply green lights candidates.  And that’s not how it works.  Not in the Republican party.

New Los Angeles GOP Chairman Interview

What the Los Angeles County Republican Party actually does, and doesn’t do.  Also, what defines a ‘quality candidate.’

Where the money comes from to run a political campaign.  And the ‘chicken and the egg’ issue of candidacy and funding.  Plus how Republicans and Democrats differ at the party level.

Tim and I cover all these questions and more in the below interview.

Conservative/Liberal Difference

Tim repeatedly highlights the key difference between liberals and conservatives.

Conservatives have a belief in the ‘primacy of the individual.’  The Republican Party’s founding in the 1850s was anti-slavery.  And valuing opposing views is a foundational tenet of conservatism.  Freedom. Including freedom of thought.

Liberalism today.  And the American ‘left,’ is embracing socialism and communism which always leads to totalitarianism.  Ironically, liberals are cautioning against fascism evolving from the political ‘right.’  However, fascism has never evolved from conservatism.  Hitler and the Nazi party came from socialism.  (The term ‘Nazi’ was short for National Socialist German Workers Party.)  Mussolini was a socialist.

Learn More And Take Action

Take the first step in getting involved with the Los Angeles County Republican Party HERE.

And to learn more about the California Republican Party tap or click HERE.