Yadranka Draskovic is running for ESUSD.  And that makes perfect sense.

She has two children.  One is a recent graduate.  Another is still in school.

Also, Yandranka is a graduate of El Segundo Unified School District.

So she’s a mom and a graduate.  But when it comes to Yadranka Draskovic for ESUSD, there’s more.

Yadranka Draskovic on Common Core Initiative

Yadranka is a former teacher.  And she was teaching when the Obama administration initiated Common Core.

As it was being rolled out.  Teachers and parents had questions about the initiative.

But it didn’t seem as divisive and destructive as it turned out to be.

Learn more in my interview with the 2022 ESUSD candidate.

Running El Segundo Unified School District

Yadranka says the ESUSD school board is acting like many others across the country.  Disinterested in hearing parents’ concerns.

So she’s decided to begin fixing the problems herself.  Running for ESUSD she’s promising to put children first.

Plus, she’ll have an open-door policy to all parental views.  And concerns.

Yadranka Draskovic for ESUSD

Yadranka Draskovic has our endorsement for ESUSD!

Good luck, Yadranka.  The students and families of El Segundo Unified School District need you.